There Is A Lifting Up

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God desires to lift His sons up. It is His plan and intention that His own people should excel in life. This is true and real.

However, there is a way God has provided for lifting His people up. That way is the path of growth. Galatians 4:1-11 shows that inheritance is not handed over to a child until he matures and gains capacity to manage it. So it is with God’s blessings. God wants us to grow both in spiritual and natural affairs. Nobody can entrust a good thing (treasure) to the care of a child expect toys.

That scripture also shows that God sets time for lifting His people up. And, according to the minister, God often meets us unprepared and still children at that appointed time (He wants to give us upliftment). What does He do? He continues to wait until we grow. Ephesians 4:13-14 shows the kind of growth God wants in our spiritual lives:
1. To come to the unity of faith;
2. To reach to the fullness of the knowledge of God;
3. To become a Perfect man;
4. To come to the stature of the fullness of Christ. Take it serious! This is what God wants!

Once you reach that level in your growth, you won’t be swayed away or be deceived. You will rather be excelling and living a joyful life God has planned for you. In Hebrew 5:11-12, scripture reveals that God expects us to grow and to become teachers at a certain time, but often we still remain children needing teachers to teach us the basic things of God, which we ought to have known since, and integrated well in our lives. Is this not appalling!

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Growth is a foremost principle of God for upliftment. John the Baptist and Jesus Christ went through this path of growth. Luke 1:80 testifies of John the Baptist, how he grew and waxed strong in the spirit waiting for his time of manifestation. When John started preaching in the desert, people deserted the Pharisees in the Temple, and trooped to desert to hear John the Baptist.

Ones time of manifestation can be delayed if one refuses to grow. Luke 2:40 spoke about Jesus Christ and of His growth: “And the child grew and became strong in the Spirit, filled with wisdom, and grace of God was upon Him.” A child is liken to a slave; a slave cannot be uplifted until he grows. Ours is to grow, God knows our time of manifestation.

Refuse to be a child. Grow in every aspects of life. Where you work, exhibit an excellent spirit and willingness to learn. Learn everything concerning your firm. Prayer Group leaders should commence disciplening of their members, teaching them the word of God for spiritual growth. Parents should do the same for their families. God desires growth and it is for our own good.