God Can Make Small Things Great

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Daily Meditation | 20th August, 2019

Read: Matthew 14:13-21

It’s not what you don’t have that makes you sad. It’s what you have you are not using. It’s what you have you are underrating!

Anything, no matter how small, God has given you can lead you to mighty places. It can enable you to accomplish great wonders.

It’s only if you can discover this and dedicate it to God. There’s divine power. There’s divine ability. There’s divine provision.

√ A handful of meal and a small oil the woman of Zarephet had didn’t finish for a long period. Why? She provided a small portion to prophet Elijah, and God blessed her household during famine (1 Kings 17)

√ A jawbone of an Ass in the hand of Samson was enough to kill 1,000 men. Why? Holy Spirit accompanied him (Judges 15:14-17)

√ The creditors of a certain widow threatened to sell her two sons because of the debts her late husband owed them. It was a pot of oil in her house that saved her. How? Prophet Elisha blessed the oil and asked her to borrow vessels and pour the oil in them. The oil refused to stop flowing until the last vessel got filled up. She sold vessels of the oil, paid her debts and had enough to live by.  Alleluia.

Today, Jesus fed more than 10,000 people with five Loaves and two fish. Incredible but true. Stop weeping! Wipe your tears!

There’s a skill you have; yes, a talent in you; a certificate you have abandoned, a knowledge you thought worth nothing. God wants to use them to make your life great.

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Don’t look down on anything you have. Ask God to bless them. Ask Him to lead and direct you. You’ll experience divine increase. Say Amen.