Awka CCRN 21 days program – 9th January, 2023

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Theme: Witnessing for Christ

Topic: How Prepared are you?

Minister: Sis. Eunice Osegbo


Looking at what is happening in the world today; death, insecurities, wars, famine, inflation, no one is sure of what is going to happen tomorrow. As Christians, when we see all these things happening, the end is near, and there is something that the Lord expects from us.

John 14: 2-3 – Jesus says He is going to prepare a mansion for us, and then, come back to take us, and as a result of this, we should expect Jesus at any time. This leads us to this thought provoking question – How Prepared are You? One might think, Prepared for what? And the answer is preparing for the second coming of Christ, for where he is, he wants us to be. Assuming one closes his or her eyes in death,  can he say ‘This is my beloved son/daughter.

This question calls for a deep thought. How Prepared are we to meet the master?

One might say, the second coming has been long said and awaited, but once we meet our death, the second coming has happened. After all our sojourn on earth, are we worthy to meet the Lord. This calls for beginning a fresh relationship with the Lord. We might be rendering a lot of service in the church, but if the master comes, can he certify our services to be worthy of his glory?

What we do most times, are rituals, not doing what is acceptable before the master.

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Why should we Prepare?

Luke 12: 35-40 – talks about being ready at any time. Ensure that the relationship with the Holy Spirit is certain, because only those led by the spirit are called the sons of God. Christian lives are lived ready on a daily basis, not minding the circumstances behind your situation, sickness, barrenness, hardship etc. These shouldn’t deter us from entering the kingdom we have been labouring for. Christ didn’t tell the particular hour or day he is coming back, so why are we living carelessly?
How happy are those servants whom the master meets awake, because they have a reward. Eyes have not seen nor ear heard nor perceived in the heart what the Lord has Prepared for us. Yet after all these promises, we live our lives recklessly.

Why is the Lord telling us to prepare?

1. This is because the son of man is coming at an hour we do not expect him. He is coming to take us unawares – This he has not revealed to anyone. People fidget when we talk about death, but death is a reality, which must surely come, in a manner we do not know. People die on daily basis, others are being kidnapped, people attend burials, we are not different from them, it must surely come.

2. Another reason is to live as if we are expecting august visitor. This perspective gives a concept that the person preparing is ready, and this needs to be applied to our spiritual life, to get ready to meet him face to face. On the day of his arrival, what will he say in accordance to Matthew 7: 21- 23? This questions is for all believers.


How do we prepare?

1. The first step to preparation is repentance (change of heart). There is need to be evidences of the likeness of Christ in you. Turn away from evil. Repent from any known sin found in you, no matter how small it is, so we won’t meet the agony of an unfinished journey. Even the the private sins, a big eyes is watching and a day is coming when we will all give account.

2. Remain Standing in the Lord (Being born again and remain born again) – As believers, is the life of God still evident in you, or have you lost it? This is an opportunity to pick it up again. Revelation 2:4 – we need to return to our first love. He wants our relationship to be progressive and steady. Rerurn back to your altar, the Lord will accept you back, do not let your conscience die.

3. Rededicate yourself to the Lord through worship and service. God doesn’t accept partial surrender,  give him all or nothing. So many people worship God as a result of what they want from him, it is an error. He created us a being of worship, for in him we have all the things we seek, when we seek the kingdom first. God wants an unbroken relationship with us. He wants us to follow him step by step. Through services, we relate well with our fellow human beings, in schools, in our office etc.

4. Fellowshiping with the Holy Spirit – He teaches, rebukes and reminds us of things which are not even in the Bible. Through this, the Holy Spirit gives us a mark which characterizes us as children of God.

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Christ changed his nature to be with us, so we also must change our nature to be with him. The only thing Christ came on earth was to do away with sin, that we might have life in abundance. Heaven is real.

One of the dangers on unpreparedness is loosing heaven. His hands are always open to receive us.

Udo diri unu!!