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Text: (Gal 5:25)


As a child of God the Holy Spirit is indwelling in us. We need understanding to realise what we carry. It is the lack of this understanding that makes us afraid of things we ordinarily shouldn’t be afraid of as children of God. It is important for us to recognise the presence of the Holy Spirit in us and then communicate with Him.

As a Christian, what makes us grow to the point that we become giants in Christ is allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us. It is not possible to walk with the Holy Spirit if we cannot submit to Him.

How to Walk with the Holy Spirit:

1. Desiring the Holy Spirit
Desire brings about decision and as a child of God, decision is the key thing in Walking With the Holy Spirit. As a child of God, the Holy Spirit is indwelling in you, however, if you don’t stir Him up, He will remain dormant in you.

2. Avoid sin and disengage from every forms of distraction, both material and otherwise.

3. Create time for God: This entails sowing in the Spirit by offering our time in prayers, meditation, and studying the Word of God. Meditation, prayer and studying the Word all go together.

4. Yielding to the promptings and leading of the Holy Spirit: The problem with most of us is that we pray a lot without listening. More often than not the Holy Spirit speaks to us in a tiny voice, but we can barely hear Him because we are already crowded with the many distractions around us.


5. Recognise that the Holy Spirit is our helper.
The Holy Spirit is our paraclate, that is one that sits beside another person. The essence of Him being by our side is principally to counsel us, direct us, help us, comfort us. And it was for this that Christ sent us the Holy Spirit (John 14:26). All we need do therefore is to recognise and work with Him.

Benefits of Walking With the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit gives us diverse gifts. While these gifts are important for the advancement of the kingdom, the place of character cannot be overemphasised in the life of Christian. Some of the benefits of walking with the Holy Spirit is seen in the fruits He produces in us (Gal 5:22-25). They are:

1. Love: God is love. If the Holy Spirit produces love in me, I, by virtue of this, begins to assume the very nature of God.

2. Joy: When this happens, the joy of the Lord becomes our strength as it radiates in us.

3. Peace: Without peace, you cannot be a good Christian and most worrisome is the fact that you cannot give it.

4. Patience: Patience is considered to be the healthiest virtue. The reality of the Christian walk is the fact that without patience you can’t walk with God. Patience is the mother of tolerance. More so, self control emanates from patience.

5. Faithfulness: When the Holy Spirit leads you, you will be faithful.

6. Victory: The presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, gives us the assurance that God is with us. Even in the face of danger, we are unwavering. Our victory in Christ Jesus lies in the workings…..

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