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Text: Psalm: 24v7-10
Impossibility: this is a case or situation whereby something cannot be done or achieved by someone no matter the human effort applied towards it. It is a case beyond human ability but very easy before God.

☆Jesus Christ is a specialist in impossibilities.
☆The impossibilities of man is so possible before God.

Impossible conditions in a man’s life

1. Terminal sickness – Jesus Christ is the healer of all infirmities.
2. Constant failure – Jesus Christ takes away the cause of failure and open doors of success.
3. Delay and disappointment in expectations* – This might be experienced in academic endeavor, career and marriage. Jesus Christ turns disappointment to appointment.
4. Abject poverty – Jesus Christ turns poverty into divine abundance and prosperity.
5. Evil foundation and ancestral covenants – Jesus Christ breaks such evil foundation and covenants through the power of the new covenant.
6. Demonic oppression, possession and attack – Jesus Christ identifies them and sends them to abyss.
7. Struggles over habitual sins. Habitual sins takes divine assistance to conquer – Jesus Christ helps us break free from it by giving us Grace.

God’s interventions in ages past.

1. Miraculous provision (Gen. 22:1-14)
Bases for miraculous provision in our lives.
▪Total faith in God.
▪Absolute trust in God and in His good plans which you don’t know about.
▪Positive confessions.
▪Take positive steps and actions.

2. Miraculous victory in war (Exo. 17:8-17)
Bases for miraculous victory
▪Faith and Obedience
▪Courage and Confidence
▪You must take action
▪Sacrifice – You must maintain uplifted hands towards heaven. This is the sacrifice we must make.


3. Miraculous provision in the time of scarcity and restoration of life (1 Kings 17:8-24)
Bases for miraculous provision and restoration
▪ Be obedient
▪ Trust the word of the Lord and His prophet.
▪ Sacrificial giving and charity.

4. Miracle of dry bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14)
Bases for dry bones to come back to life.
▪ Good and intimate relationship with God.
▪ Faith and trust in God.
▪Study, internalize and proclaim the Word of God.
▪ Prophetic anointing.

Some of life’s greatest disappointments in life are when a greatly desired door is slammed in our face. There comes a time in our earthly sojourn that all doors seem to be shut on us, but one truth to hold onto when it comes to life challenges is that; “for every problem, there is an uncovered part”.

Jesus in Psalm 24:7-10 – travelled to the world of the dead and commanded the gates of Hades to tear open, so that the king of Glory, strong and mighty, may enter. The same way he is speaking to those doors of impossibilities in your life – That job promotion or new job expectation on hold for years, that relationship that broke off, that financial opportunity you have been seeking for years, that circumstance that seemed to bring tragedy, heartache, or disappointment, missed opportunities, lives never lived, dreams never realized, that sickness keeping you down for years – all these the Lord has commanded today to be open. This is a command, it’s not an appeal or request, but an order from the Most High. But, remember that the manifestation of this command is dependent on our disposition to the promises. ​We must also realize that when the Lord allows certain doors to close – it is to direct our lives on paths we may have not explored otherwise. Hence, be expectant for what the Lord will do today.


The days of sorrows are over.