2 years ago Evangelical Ministry 2
Spread the Good News
  1. Text: Ex: 33 v 1-3Introduction:

    The topics of this year’s pentecost are all geared towards assuring and reassuring us that God is with us, irrespective of what we are going through. Just as the Lord promised the people of Israel that He will take them to a land flowing with milk and honey (Exod 33:1-3), He has also promised us that He will carry us through the troubles and tribulations we are going through.

    It is instructive to note that when the Lord saw that the people of Israel were comfortable and relaxed in the camp, even though they have not entered the promised land, He called out to them with the instruction, “Break camp and advance” (Deut 1:7-8).

    So many of us have become comfortable with where we are such that we have stopped growing spiritually. Yet God is looking at how far we are from where we should be and is saying to us, “Break camp and advance”. The Holy Ghost is coming to address that thing that has constituted itself a camp unto us and has stagnated our spiritual advancement. If we must experience great revival in our spiritual lives, then there are camps that we must break.

    Today’s topic is action oriented. It is not about great talks, but about making a definite decision to break camp. The reason we must make a decision to break camp is because the church is in trouble, and it is important that the children of God rise up to the challenges of our time. Our generation is in need of men that are ready to break camp and advance. Men that are not interested in what God will give to them, but what they will give to God.

    The Camps We Need to Break

    1. _Faithlessness_: Whosoever that must come to God must first believe that He is God and that He can do all things. It is faithlessness that drive men to run from one prayer house to another in search of miracles. God is looking for men of faith. The degree of our faith in God is determined by our knowledge of Him. The faith that cause exploits in our lives is function of our knowledge of God. Hence, the assurance that, “They that know their God will do exploits” (Daniel 11:32).

    2. Sin and Weaknesses: For some of us, even though we are active in the house of God, there still exist in our lives some secret sins that have held us captive. Such sins are camps that we must break. There are spiritual heights that we can never reach until we break certain camps in our lives.

    Three Things that can Help Us Break the Camps in Our Lives

    1. Focus on the Vision: The reason Christ endured the cross was because His eyes were on the glory ahead. If we lose vision of where we are going, we will be stagnant.

    2. Hunger and Passion: If there is any thing we must ask of God tonight, it is the hunger and passion to work for God. It is hunger that will drive a man to isolate himself in search of greater intimacy with God.


    God has greater plans for our lives. He wants to take us far beyond where we are today, but we seem to be comfortable with this little height we have attained. As He looks upon us in our pitiable state, He is calling us to break the camps in our lives and advance. Let our hearts’ cry tonight be that God will stir in us that hunger and passion for Him, so that we will make a decision, backed by action, to break every camp in our lives that has stagnated our spiritual growth.