Manifesting The Gifts Of The Holy Ghost

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(1Cor. 12:1-12)

To manifest means to show by one’s behaviour or attitude or exhibit a particular action. Therefore, manifesting the gifts of the Holy Spirit means exhibiting the evidences of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit does two major functions in our life.

1. Sanctification – this helps us to manifest the character of God in us.

2. Bestows us the gifts of the Holy Spirit for our ministerial functions.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit can be grouped into two

1. Sacramental/Ecclesial or Sanctification gifts which are wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel, piety, fortitude, Fear of God (Isaiah 11:2)

2. Charismatic or Ministerial gifts which are word of wisdom, word of knowledge, faith, prophecy, tongues, interpretation, healing, miracle and discernment (1Cor. 12:1-9).

Importance of the gifts
– Demonstration of power in the life of a believer.
– To glorify the name of the Lord
– Helps in witnessing and in the growth of the Church
– It confirms your word as authentic
– Determines your office of service

How can we manifest the gifts?
– Desire the gifts of the Holy Spirit
– Waiting on the Holy Spirit
– Creating a conducive environment for his impartation
– Abiding in the word of God
– Spiritual exercises
– Don’t neglect the gifts

Hindrances in manifesting the gifts
– Unbelief
– Grieving and quenching the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:30-31)

Mark 16:17-18
“These signs shall follow them that believe, in my name they shall cast out demons, heal the sick, when they drink poison, it will not harm them, they will pick up scorpions and it won’t hurt them.

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