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Text: Hosea 14:1

God created us for Himself, therefore outside Him we cannot live meaningfully. Hence, the Lord is beckoning on us to return to Him. Some of us errorneously think that it is God that hinders us from progressing in life, but the reality remains that, it is our sin that constitute a stumbling block in our lives.

God is merciful and caring. God is not an overbearing God that holds unto our sins. He is ever merciful and ever interested in our returning to him. He is willing to cleans us of our sins if only we are ready to return to Him. God is ever caring. He does not want us to miss out on all the good things He has in store for you.

When a man is with the Lord, lines will continually fall in pleasant places for him. Thus, the prophet Isaiah proclaimed, “Tell the righteous it shall be well with them”.

God calls us to repentance (Joel 1:2-16): Once a life is occupied by sin, joy authomatically vanishes. But when we return to God, He is able to resue us from every yoke that has held us bound.

Joel 2:12-14. The Lord is calling us not just to return, but to have a sincere repentance. Let our sorrow show our repentance. (Haggi 1:2-9) – By this call to return, the Lord calls us to rebuild our temple.

Some of the things that entangle us in sin and pull us away from God include:


1. Fashion
2. How to make money
3. Search for children
4. How to get married
5. How to get a good job

All these things and more separate us from God. However, we still accuse God of keeping himself away from us. But in His defence God makes His argument, “God states that we have not hid his call, even when he is willing to rescue us (Isaiah 50:1).

God has rescued us from the power if darkness and brought us safe into the marvelous light of his dear son – Jesus Christ (Col 1:13-14).