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(Jer 18:1-6; Mt 13:47-53)

As long as we are in the flesh, at no point, can we claim to be finished products who have no need of any form of improvement.

As a matter of fact, every day of our lives, the different events around us, both good and bad, help to fashion us into the kind of persons we are meant to be.

As such, it is important for us to go through life consciousness of the fact that, we must be humble enough to submit ourselves to the One who has the Master plan of our lives, else, we may never be able to fulfill our destinies.

Fellow Pilgrims, in the first reading, the Lord commanded the prophet Jeremiah to visit the house of a potter, in order to observe what goes on there. There at the Potter’s house, Jeremiah observed how the potter reworked the spoilt clay in his hands, into another vessel as he so desired.

Similarly, the Lord declared that, He is able also to do with the house of Israel, that which the potter is able to do with the clay in his hands, for Israel is like a clay in God’s hands.

Beloved in Christ, when the Lord created us, He moulded us and made us in His own image and likeness. However, as we journey through life, this godly image which we bear, is often disfigured by worldly attractions and the lures of the flesh, thereby turning us into what we are not meant to be.


It is important therefore, that we always surrender ourselves to God who is the Potter, that He may remould and reshape us into vessels that would serve His own purpose here on earth, a vessel unto honour.

Lord God, melt us and mould us into what You desire us to be. Amen!