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Life in the Spirit Seminar is a time of spiritual transformation. Today, we express the theme of the seminar – Fresh anointing for exploit. Something that is fresh is something that has not been used before, something that is authentic, something that is new.

You will receive the Holy Spirit as the topic suggests, who is the Holy Spirit?

He is the third person in Trinity, he is the promise of the father. The Spirit of truth. He is a teacher and revealer (John 14:16, 24-26).

The truth is that God the father has perfected the work of creation, therefore he has no business with man again. Jesus on the cross of calvary said it is finished, meaning that he has perfected the work of redemption and returned to be with his father. The only Being we have business with now is the person of the Holy Spirit.

Why will God pour his Spirit upon us?

It is because of our unstable spiritual life which God had seen, that propelled him to send his Spirit upon all flesh for anointing. Anointing is the function of God in man. The Spirit of a man will make man to live aright, live holy and pure, but the Spirit upon a man will make him to do exploit. So, why would God send his Holy Spirit upon men?

1. To bring men to the knowledge of God through the power of the gospel.

2. To break the yoke of carnality (Isaiah 10:27). The greatest of all yoke is sin. We need the Spirit of God to break the yokes of sin, ungodliness, barreness, barriers of spiritual breakthrough and so on.

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3. To lead men to true spiritual worship (John 4:23-24). Those who will worship God will do that in Spirit and in truth. Jesus is the truth.

4. To give us the spiritual authority to conquer the devil. The devil does not respect the size of your coat, bible, shoe or your voice, the devil respects the anointing in a man.

To operate in this fourth reason, we need to understand the four categories of FAITH.

Big faith, Small faith, Strong faith and Weak faith. We must operate with big and strong faith. Understanding what faith is will help us to to do more exploit in this journey. We have faith as a gift of the Holy Spirit, faith as a fruit of the Holy Spirit, faith as a piece of armour and Faith as a virtue. All these we must posses.