3 Enemies of Man by Prof. L. O. Ezenweke

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Being Highlights of Evening Instruction Given by Prof. L. O. Ezenweke on March 12, 2023 (Today)


Man is faced with a lot of wars in this life. He’s faced with 3 major enemies every day.

1. The World
2. The Flesh
3. The Devil

Let’s look at them one by one.

1. THE WORLD (Outer fold)

Worldliness can be divided into 3:
Lust of flesh (sexualism), Lust of eyes (Materialism), Pride of Life (egotism)

_How to fight the World_

1. Refuse to be guided by the world’s standard of right or wrong
2. Shun the majority if they follow the world standards
3. Avoid close intimate relationship with the world
4. Clearly confess Christ on all occasion.

2. THE FLESH (Inner fold)

It’s the fallen self centered nature of man. Everybody born comes with heart which is inclined to commit sin! Before baptism, we are adamic, prone to sin. It’ll remain till death.

After baptism, we become new creatures. Nevertheless, the old man it’s still there.
So, the conflict and the war.

The Characteristics of the Flesh includes Rejection of authority; Laziness, slothfulness, quick to vengeance; worship their good looks and strength.

_How to Fight the Flesh_

1. Friendly and loving to the law of God (Rom. 7)
2. Say No to desires of fallen nature
3. Die to sin
4. Walk in the Spirit of the Lord


Satan and his demon are opposed to God and had vowed to destroy to those who have accepted the salvation of God.

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Satan has his:
i. Own gospel (Gal 1:6)
ii. Minister’s (2 Cor. 11:14-15)
iii. Doctrine (1 Tim. 4:1), and
iv. Communion service (1 Cor 10:15)

Attack of Satan is secret. He comes with what will appeal to the flesh and the world and want you to do what God forbids

He can come with discouragement; make you lose confidence, have depression, make you think you are a complete failure.

He makes you deny the truth especially about sacredness of marriage; instill lack of concentration in prayer life or study of the word.

_How to Fight the Devil_

1. Take a determined stand (James 4:7)
2. Resist him (Eph 6:14-17)
3. Take full armour to fight him (Eph 6:12)
4. Perservere. Don’t lose faith.

10 Practical Ways To Win The Flesh, World and the Devil

1] The fulfilment of the Precept of the Lord must not be cold or lukewarm; But must be firm and devoted

Are you satisfied with the way you’re worshipping God now for your salvation, are you satisfied with it?

2] The journey from life to eternity is long (short), painful, dangerous and astuteness of the enemies and the end is irrovocable.

If you die now, are you sure you’re going to heaven?

3] The human flesh is weak, full of chains of strong passion which fascinates the faculties of man while noble conduct is hidden. It’s the flesh that withdraws many from grace.

Can you identify what part of you that can withdraw you from the grace of God?

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4] The secure cost (way) is to welcome bitterness and sorrow, put away ease and pleasure of the senses, and not enjoy greater freedom than the rule of reason permits

Rejoice when something sorrowful or painful happens to you. Don’t fret over it nor be angry.

5] Whenever you want to perform any task or say anything, check whether it’ll honour the God and benefit your neighbour. If fails, desist from it.

6] Fly away from forgetfulness and ingratitude of the suffering and passion of the Lord.

Answer this question! Jesus Christ, is He truly present in Blessed Sacrament? Why is Jesus truly present in Blessed Sacrament? Why’s Jesus present at Sanctuary?

It’s purely for me to come and be with Him. Now, when last did you go and see Him? Make visiting Jesus in Blessed Sacrament a daily thing.

7] Don’t stop at Sunday Masses! Visit the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament daily. Be coming to Morning Masses.

8] The Lord is jealous of souls beloved to him but immediately turns away them if the find pleasure in the praises of men and their flattery which are flighting, deceitful, impure and false.

9] When you meet adverse happenings or deprived from what is useful or necessary, bear it with joy and praise the Lord because His will is being fulfilled Indeed.

10] The failure of men to treat each other with humility and love offend God so much which makes Him visit morals as rigid just judge


1. People forget that they’re children of the same Father who cares for us.

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2. People fail to reconcile when we have disagreement with our brothers

3. People give impossible conditions for reconcilation


Cast out from your faculties every image and attention towards human creatures and turn all the powers of your act and soul towards mysteries and blessings of your redemption.

Think about the passion and death of Jesus often. Give thanks for them as if the work was done for you alone.

This will help you to live your life without errors and find peace and everlasting life.

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