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Text: Isaiah:52v2

Often time, we tend to limit what God has for us as a result of our unbelief, shortcomings, and ignorance.

You need to come to the point of understanding that God has the ability and capacity to set anyone free at will. God is unlimited, we ‘re limited, God is infinite, we ‘re finite. Whatever he says, he will do, and what he declares must come to pass.

But there is a problem. The limit we ‘re saying is not on the side if God but on the side of man. After the creation of man, God gave man a will (for decision making). God cannot force himself on a man to do something. That’s why he said in Revelation 3:20 – that He stands at the door of our hearts and knock. If we decide to allow him in, he will come and demonstrate his power, if not, we keep living in our limits.

Things that limits God’s demonstration of power in our lives

1. Sin (Isaiah 59:1-3): Sin has the power to cut off God’s action in a man. It limits God’s hand on a man. Many people are passing through so many difficulties today because of their persistence in living in the guilt of their sins. The issue is not that we sin, but unable to accept the mercy of God when we repent. The devil tends to tie us with that guilt that God can never forgive us, or that we can’t get what we prayed for. This mentality has caged many Christians of today. God is not a wicked God that delights in the suffering and punishment of his children. We need to remind the devil that we didn’t sin against him but against God. We need to break off from this mental limit.

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2. Fear: (False expression appearing real). Fear has the ability to limit the hand of God on a man. The bible says in Paul’s letter to the Romans that – “without Faith, no man please God”. So, if you ‘re living in Fear, you can’t please God. Numbers 13: 25 – the 12 men who went to spy the land came back with a report to the Israelites, they gave testimonies about the land, a land flowing with milk and honey – but, 10 men out of the 12 spread fear among the people, they magnified their problem in their minds, how huge and mighty the Anakites and their neighbors are. While these men were increasing the pressure and fear among the people, Joshua and Caleb silenced them and gave a counter report. We know the rest of the story. This report limited the working of God among the Israelites. The bible said that the spirit we received is not the Spirit of fear or timidity, but of power, boldness and sound mind (1Timothy 4:7). As a thinks in his heart, so he is. We need to remember that the power of life and death is in the tongue. We must be positive at all time.

3. Doubt This is a serious limitation to what God is capable of doing in our lives. Do not immerse yourself in the thought of what tomorrow will be. The scripture puts it explicitly that anyone with doubt MUST not expect to receive anything from God (ames 1: 5 – 8). Doubt can make someone not see the glorious manifestation of God’s favour upon his or her life. A prophet (Elisha) made a declaration that a basket of wheat would be sold at a price the Samarians would never imagine, a servant doubted this prophecy, this was later fulfilled, but the servant who doubted could not see the fulfillment of this prophecy (2 Kings 6 and 7). What God cannot do does not exist.